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MDB2 as our new DBAL

Author: Helgi Žormar Žorbjörnsson, helgi _AT_ trance _DOT_ is
Date: 22th April, 2005


What’s a DBAL you ask, well simple, Database Abstraction Layer, just like JawsDB is but why do I want to replace the existing DBAL with MDB2 ?

MDB2 simply supports much more RDBMS:

  • MySQL (mysql and mysqli extension)
  • PostGreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Frontbase
  • Querysim
  • Interbase/Firebird
  • SQLite

Some drivers more mature then others and even more will follow in due time … MDB2 author Lukas Smith is also going to move all the drivers into their own individual packages so people have better idea of the stability of each driver and to allow people to better handpick which drivers they’d like to have

The high driver count is not the only reason why I’d like us to start the usage of MDB2, MDB2 has much wider use and testing then we’d ever get on JawsDB and a lot more people work on it also (tho mainly Lukas Smith) then will ever on JawsDB.

So all in all I think we’d just benefit greatly by using MDB2 and it will allow us to use our developer resources into more “important” aspects of Jaws ;)

I’m not going to write up a big description, just to got [1] and [2] to see what the package has to offer.

But for a short description, MDB[4] is a merge of the PEAR DB[5] and Metabase[3] php database abstraction layers and MDB2 is a successor of MDB which things more tweaked and all in all faster.


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