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Jaws Repository

Author: Helgi Žormar Žorbjörnsson, helgi _AT_ trance _DOT_ is
Date: 10th May, 2005


Like any other project that “work” we are facing the fact that more and more people are getting interest in the project and want to write this or that gadget/plugin/theme, but we can’t include all of them in the default distribution since the package size would explode in the end (and it already has if anything).

So what do we do ? We get our selfs a Jaws repository! :-)
Now what exactly would that mean for you, the users ?

Well they will have a central place to find things, similar to and (probably same with,, and all those, tho we won’t host SVN unless requested ?) and it also allows gadget/theme/plugin maintainers to release a new version with out waiting for us to release a new Jaws release, which could happen with X many months between which isn’t suitable for everyone.

We’ll be using PEAR_Server (suprisingly it’s not a PEAR package) with some nifty frontend and then we alter the frontend to fit our needs and we’ll make it into something cool and fancy :-) Now using PEAR_Server will allow people to download the things via the website or using pear intall jaws/things_name which would be installed globally or locally or what ever, just depends on how people configured it.

Live servers using the same things [2] [3] [4]

We can remove most of the themes/gadgets and plugins from the default package and move it over to the server so we can have smaller download size for everyone and people have much more control over what they have and thus we allow them much more to build their desired application at each time.


As said before, we’ll use PEAR_Server[5] with a frontend from Davey [6] which is I think in the latest PEAR_Server so we don’t have to think too much about that.
The configuration of this thing will mostly be in my and Jonathans hands so this will mean minimal hazzle for the rest of you ;)

Nothing more really on the implementation, except that we have to write up some good docs if people want to use the cli to install things and maybe also the same with how to be a maintainer of a package, write a package.xml or generate one and etc. or we just point to existing docs that exist both in PEAR and outside communities :-)


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