Steps to become a Jaws contributor!

You are here because ion or pablo sent you to read these, maybe because they want you to be part of the project ;-).

We need to give you SSH access and a Trac account so lets go.
But first we need some information about you.

Creating your (SSH) RSA keys

We need your SSH-RSA (public) keys. Only RSA keys are accepted (which are more secure than DSA).

Follow the next steps to create your RSA key (only if you don’t have one yet).

your_computer ~: mkdir ~/.ssh
your_computer ~: chmod 700 ~/.ssh
your_computer ~: cd ~/.ssh
your_computer ~: ssh-keygen -t rsa

Then copy the public key ($HOME/.ssh/ and send it to ion or pablo.

Please don’t forget to add the username you want to have!!

Creating your htpasswd

For Trac we use htpasswd, so create your htpasswd and send it to us.

your_computer ~: htpasswd -n -m username

And send us (ion or pablo) the output.

NOTE: The password should be in MD5, that’s why you need to pass the -m parameter to the htpasswd command!

Configure your .ssh/config file

You need to add the following data to your $HOME/.ssh/config file:

User            foobar
CheckHostIP     no
Port            1008

Note: Change foobar with the username you choosed.

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