Helgi Žormar Žorbjörnsson

Member of the development team

  • DOB: 4th Nov 1986
  • Live in: Reykjavķk, IS (Iceland).
  • Email: helgith _at_ gmail _dot_ com
  • Works at iBuildings UK (Developer)

My involvement in the project

You name it and I probably have my fingers in it, I like to be all around ;)

Long/Medium Term Tasks

  • MDB2 as DBAL
  • Improve the installer with MDB2_Schema
  • Make Ncurse installer and some more funky installer things =)
  • Jaws WebServies
  • Phoo improvements
  • Jaws MVC Migration
    • Core stuff
  • Better Search
  • Forums (not integration of existing one)
  • And just about every aspect of Jaws

Other activities

  • Xcomic Developer (inactive at the moment)
  • http://pear.php.net/user/dufuz PEAR Board member / Developer / QA member
  • Webmaster for pear.php.net / pecl.php.net and also try to poke my fingers into bugs.php.net even tho it’s messy :)


Want to thank me for my "great" work ? ;)

Here’s my Wishlist If you buy me anything than please drop me a line so I know who did it and personally thank you for supporting me :-)

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