It’s been said that nowadays, websites must be XHTML valid. By now, most Jaws gadgets doesn’t validate.

However, it should be quite easy (note that I said “easy”, not “fast”) to make them validate. What should be done would be to modify each gadget’s template(s), and sometimes modify the View .php file (when it uses a piwi widget).

We can use this validation process to ease designer’s work by making each logical element easy to target via css. Here’s what I propose :

  • encapsulate each logical element inside a DIV tag : I know, this is not what’s best as far as semantic html is concerned, but it’s still easier when you’re styling a webpage to know that each logical element is encapsulating by the same tag. And div’s been created to separate logical elements of a webpage, so I think we should use it.
  • put as much id and class attributes as possible
  • avoid using align, style, height and width attributes : design stuff should be done via separate css files.
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