What is Jaws Bounty?

In order to have an interaction with our users and give them suggestions about areas where they can help in the project we released the Jaws Bounties.

Jaws Bounties are planned to give users a list of tasks where they can help and get credits for their job. These tasks are for any user level, there can be tasks for bash developers to help the project, documentation, copy & paste tasks, etc.

Are you going to get paid?

Obviously no. Currently no, but if in the future a company wants a feature and he wants to pay you can get paid :)

Currently this is the way: We give you a nice web opensource application.. you give us (if you want) a little help and you will get credits for the tasks ;-).

How to work in a bounty?

The steps are very easy:

  1. Just one bounty
  2. Email the list (jaws-dev@forge.novell.com) telling us that you want to work in a bounty
  3. After 15 days of your submission we will send you an email to see if you are working, after 20 days if you have not finished the bounty will be ‘free’: You can’t continue with it.
  4. Once you finish it you can send us an email (jaws-dev@forge.novell.com) or to the Bugs page with your patch.


Yes, Jaws Bounties rules! :-). But we have rules.. these are very similar to the Gnome Bounty rules:

  • All submissions must be open source, without any known intellectual property encumbrances that might stop the submission from being distributed as free software. If submission is for a gadget it should be released under the same license (if gadget is GPL, the bounty should be in GPL).
  • Patch acceptance by module maintainers into the main development branch of the affected modules is a prerequisite for bounty credit. If developer don’t accept it, there’s no credit.
  • Eligible entries must be submitted and accepted by 3 developers or by Jonathan or Pablo (yes, we are mad and don’t care about the rules :-P).
  • Your patch has to work and do what the bounty says, and it has to work nicely.
  • We don’t accept: “I just got it working,” or “it works most of the time,” or “it works but the UI is just a placeholder,” or “what — I have to add UI?” don’t cut it.
  • For bounties releated to the Bugs database, you need to add a comment to the bug registering your intent to work on it. That way, if multiple people want to work on the same task, they can more easily find each other and collaborate. Please do not close this bug; it will be marked FIXED by the contest organizers when its necesary.
  • In the case of multiple submissions for the same bounty, the judging panel (3 developers or any of both Jaws project managers) will do its best to choose the highest-quality submission and award a credit to the submitter responsible for it.
  • Submissions by a group are not allowed. If you want to work on these tasks as a team, appoint one person you trust to be the official submitter, and he or she can divide the bounty with you.
  • Jaws developers are not eligible to participate (they have tasks to finish).
  • Sorry to have to do it, but the catch-all: The credits of bounties is at the sole discretion of the judging panel (3 developers or any project manager), and we may refuse to recognize a bounty to anyone for any reason at any time… :-)

And the bounties are...

Bounty Description Status
Install documentation Install guide in English with images (or using Flash) D
Install documentation (es) Install guide in Spanish with images (or using Flash) NA
Make CP compat with IE Using additional CSS or JS make CP look like Firefox D
Write headers of files We add PHPDoc to some PHP files, copy&paste most of time D
Bash script A bash script that prints the strings inside _t functions D
AntiSpam - Bayes Class Write a class to deal with spam using Bayes. D

If you have any questions with a bounty please send an email to the mailing list: jaws-dev@forge.novell.com

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