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Ported gadgets

Write an X or DONE if the gadgets has been ported to MDB2 and/or MDB2Schema

Gadget MDB2 MDB2Schema Assigned to
Banner X X
Blog X X
Chatbox X X
ControlPanel X X
Faq X X
FileBrowser X X
Search X X
Friends X X
Glossary X X
Menu X X
Phoo X X
Poll X X
Preferences X X
RssReader X X
ServerTime X X
Skeleton X X
StaticPage X X
VisitCounter X X
Weather X X
Webcam X X

X = done O = In Progress


MDB2 our coding guidelines.. kindof:

1. use single quotes for arrays keys: Ex: function nameOfAFunctiOn ($name) {

   $param['name'] = $name;

} and NOT $params[“name”];


  $array = array('key' => "foo");


function UpdateThisValue ($id, $name, $content) {

   * $params each separated..
  $params = array();
  $params['id']      = $id;
  $params['name']    = $name;
  $params['content'] = $content;
  $sql = "
      UPDATE [[table]] SET
          name    = {name}, 
          content = {content}
       WHERE id = {id}";
  $sql    = $GLOBALS['app']->sqlParse($sql, $params);
  $result = $GLOBALS['app']->dbc->query($sql);


Bugs - To Fix for 6.0

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