Tasks for next stable release

Here you can find the tasks that should be done before releasing the next release (0.6).

Task Name Category Priority Info Status
Move to Pear MDB2 Core High Yes D
Session Types Core Medium Yes D
Jaws Management System Gadget/CP High No D
Url Mapping Core High Yes D
Valid XHTML WebDesign Low Yes M
Gadget for comments Gadgets Low Yes D
Refactor installer Core Medium Yes W
Repo (PEAR_Server) WebSite High Yes M
Slim down Core Low No M
Use Coding Guidelines C&G Medium Yes D
Clean JawsTypes Core High No D
Core to LGPL Core High No D
Make queries portable C&G Medium No M
CLI Installer Core Low No M
Fully Multiling C&G&P High No W
Implement Events C&G High Yes D

TODO's for the Blog gadget

Task Name Priority Info Status
Pingback for Blog Low No M
Trackback for Blog Low No M
Provide Next-Previous Post Links Low No D

Status chars are:

Char Meaning
M Missing
W Working
D Done
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