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  • Some plugins: LinkMe (like doku: [url|name]), WatchMe (for images: [url|center,flat]), FindMe (for Google: [findme]something[/findme]).
  • More themes. :) (munoz.com.mx)
  • In admin blogs, show directly a list of last modified blogs, the same as when “list blogs” is clicked, count from a register config (toggg)
  • Possibility of importing themes of other CMS (the most popular: drupal and joomla)
  • wiki plugin: possibility of having wiki like a plugin. It could be done with a write some code with minimal wiki, and with the possibility if choose between this microwiki or embedded another wiki (like you do with dokuwiki, but with mediawiki, etc)

Implemented wishlist items

  • Templates in theme. ej. If blog template is found in simply-blue theme, then use it. This will make themes more flexible. <— [Ion Note: This works since Jaws 0.2] :-)
  • An Easy Gadget Creator Interface: A gadget that lets you create static pages. Where someone can add HTML code to it and just link it with a static URL. :-)
  • A FAQ Gadget: A gadget that lets you add questions and answers. Suggested by meebey. :-)
  • A nice Editor. One editor like wiki doku :-)
  • On Jaws 0.5, should be a way to disable gadgets and plugins on Control Panel. (munoz.com.mx) <– [Helgi: Will be in the 0.6.x series]
  • Support Tags, maybe it can take the place of category!! (gaukin | gaukin@gmail.com) <– [neojp: Multiple categories (aka tags) will be supported in 0.6.x series ;-) ]
  • In New entry on blog, One way to add URL’s, bold, italic, etc. like wiki here. (munoz.com.mx) <– [neojp: There is one like this wiki, and there will be one WYSIWYG editor in the 0.6.x series too. :-D]
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