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What Is It?

Jaws supports translation into languages other than English, using PHP files containing constant definitions.

How Does It Work?

When a gadget is loaded, it’s translation file is also loaded from gadgets/$gadget/languages/, each language is in it’s own directory, named after the country code. The English translation is also loaded so that any untranslated strings can still be displayed in a readable form.

Each string used in Jaws has an identifier, for example the string “Control Panel” is represented by _CONTROLPANEL_NAME. Each language can specify what the identifer should be displayed as.

Translated strings can also contain placeholders which will be replaced with something else, such as the name of an item. So “Do you want to delete this {0}?” may be displayed as “Do you want to delete this banner?” or “Do you want to delete this page?” depending on what is set to be put in {0}.

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